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The Daily Paragraph – Tomato Guy

The Daily Paragraph

Tomato Guy


Oh Shit… I can’t stop…! Fired down Bolognese Boulevard. Red rum. Robust. Colonized sliding side streets, covered in vegetation; an urban sauce. Legs alluded. Takeoff underway. Wings outstretched… Hands splayed. Speechless eyes of bloodshot wonderment… Escaping the cerulean light. Racing… into oncoming traffic… Squashed! A period in time… Passionado…

By: Connor McDonough-Flynn

The Daily Paragraph – Free

The Daily Paragraph




Water washes… the soul clean. Buoyant woman, eye’s skyward, descending from dreamland, untouched. Vibrantly alluring altitudes. Levitating lavishly. Her house, the vicinity, walking distance; hovering… Her cape flapping, the wind tranquil… Super… Powerful. Sun implied… Clear blue. Peaceful. Dangling amidst a playful puppeteer. Innocent shapes at sea, turquoise ripples, reflections of home, endless avenues of splendor… The fairer sex… Exhaling clouds. Vaporously. Flying free.

By: Connor McDonough-Flynn

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