90.3 Near FM Interview – March 10th 2015

Connor McDonough-Flynn (@ConMcFlynn) being interviewed on 90.3 Near FM on March 10th 2015 about his upcoming one man show “I’m Not Special”.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/connor-mcdonough-flynn/near-fm-interview-march-10-2015.




Near fm is an BAI licensed, communally owned, not-for-profit project. It is operated by a democratic co-operative, open to all organisations and individuals in Dublin North-East.

Franchise Area:
Dublin North-East

Chairperson: Vincent Teeling.

Station Manager: Sally Galiana.

Audience Details:
The geographical community living in the area covered by the service.

Programme Policy:
Programming incorporates a positive emphasis on areas such as facilitating and supporting community development, providing access and providing a platform to a wide range of local groups.

Broadcasting Hours:
24 Hours a Day

near fm

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