Crowbar Comedy continues to keep the Townhouse laughing away!

Was another comedy packed week at The Townhouse Bar on Quay Lane in Galway! The comedy scene proves to be potent during the Galway Fringe Festival.

This week Crowbar Comedy had 3-shows: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. And there’s 3-more on the same days this week!!!

Wednesday was packed out with ‘turistas’: Spanish, German, American, Hungarian, and plenty of Irish and local Galwegians, a plethora of madness from all over the world. The Special Guest Sean Sheridan had a great set about drugs and football. And the Crowbar Crew (Danny O’Hanlon, Kenny Gaughan, Johnny Graham, Connor McDonough-Flynn) all hit flying form once again; the audience was left with smiles all around.

Friday was another packed out night, 60+ eager comedy enthusiasts crammed into the wallet friendly €3 show for a class line up including the Special Guest Lorna Forde, and the Crowbar Crew (Danny O’Hanlon, Kenny Gaughan, Johnny Graham, Connor McDonough-Flynn). The Crowbar Crew lined em’ up and knocked em’ down with a wide range of material; Danny, Kenny, Johnny and Connor all have unique styles that keep the show interesting and unpredictable. Lorna Forde had an entertaining set about being a mom, and the humorous-mayhem that comes with daily life.

Sunday night clashed with the Macnas Parade, which is an amazing part of the Galway Arts Festival, so after toughing it out in the rain and getting people in, the show started off and was a great success! The audience was up for it and they got it… What ever ‘it’ is… ‘It’ Sunday night was great comedy. The Crowbar Crew (Danny O’Hanlon, Kenny Gaughan, Johnny Graham, Connor McDonough-Flynn) once again all hit the comedy nerve of the crowd and got the laughs flowing. Cian Mc, the Special Guest, had a first-class set, joking about whiskey consumption, unpopular teenage years and how his mobile is messing with his self-esteem. All the lads played a blinder on the night and the crowd left satisfied…

Crowbar Comedy is part of the Galway Fringe Festival and it’s on this week the 25th, 27th and 29th of July, tickets are a wallet-friendly €3, it’s a show not to be missed!!! Danny O’Hanlon, Kenny Gaughan, Johnny Graham, Connor McDonough-Flynn, are all class, up and coming comedians. Each night has another up and coming comedian coming in as a special guest as well, making Crowbar Comedy a unique, laugh-out-loud show every night! A must see show during the Galway Fringe Festival.

The Galway Fringe Festival started off with a bang for Crowbar Comedy!

The first two nights were stock pilled with barrels of laughs as Kenny Gaughan, Connor McDonough-Flynn, Johnny Graham and Danny O’Hanlon; of the ‘Crowbar Comedy Crew’ and the ‘Garvey’s Comedy Open Mic Crew’ all hit flying form. As well as the special guests Christian Talbot (Friday’s Special Guest) and Aidan Greene (Sunday’s Special Guest).

The first two nights have been jam packed, with over 60 audience members from all over the world; the atmosphere in The Townhouse Bar has been mighty craic altogether. The banter has been flying around almost as fast as the jokes, and the belly laughs have been frequent and boisterous.

If you’re looking for a night of humour, pints, laughs, and all around enjoyment, call into The Townhouse Bar on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from the 12th to the 30th of July. Tickets to Crowbar Comedy are a wallet friendly €3, it’s a must see show during the fringe.

Crowbar Comedy in Galway City

Crowbar Comedy brings together four of the rising stars on the current comedy circuit, each of them having a completely unique way of looking at things which will have the crowd in stitches.

Johnny Graham

Johnny is the winner of “Show Me The Funny 2012” and will be performing at the Electric Picnic later this summer. He was also a finalist in the Irish Comedy Musical Awards 2012 and has played support to numerous high profile comedians including: Dave McSavage, Rubberbandits, Fred Cooke and Karl Spain to name a few. Johnny is a showman of the highest calibre and his hilarious views and observational comedy style is fresh, unique and a must-see!


Danny O’Hanlon

Danny was a finalist in Show Me The Funny 2012, and is one of the most original and distinctive comedians on the circuit at the moment. He has gigged all over Ireland, including the Laughter Lounge and Rebels Comedy Club and always leaves the crowd wanting more! He has a very unique take on all things from fetish clubs to making sandwiches in factories! He’s guaranteed to have you thinking and laughing at the same time!


Connor McDonough-Flynn

Connor runs and performs at the Open Mic Comedy Club at Garvey’s Bar at Eyre Square, Galway, so he’s at the heart of the open mic scene in the city. He’s performed in Los Angeles, England and all over Ireland, supporting acts such as Maeve Higgins. His comedy is energetic, boisterous, and entertaining, a real crowd pleaser. He’ll have you laughing as he deals with everything from the mundane to the thought provoking to the down right ridiculous!


Kenny Gaughan

Kenny deals in the surreal and the silly. He takes seemingly insignificant details and explores the possibilities within! He has gigged all over Ireland, including at the Laughter Lounge, the International and the Roisin Dubh and always gets big laughs from the audiences.

Kenny’s youtube channel “Manwith3buttocks” features lots of comedy sketches, many of which feature the other comedians, most notably his sketch called “Manflu – The Truth” which has had nearly 400,000 views, making it a viral hit! Check them out at

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