Packed Out and Buzzing at the Comedy Crunch

The Comedy Crunch ThumbnailGigged in the Comedy Crunch last week, Sunday the 4th of August. The Crunch has built up quite a name for itself since it started in November 2008. Taking the Internet by storm and supplying the local comedy scene with a highly enjoyable stage (pallet) two days a week. Held every Sunday and Monday weekly, the Comedy Crunch is a highly sought after show, for it’s a delightful gig for any comedian to play.

Buckled in the corner I waited for my slot to arrive. I was on first after the break. The place was packed, floorboard to ceiling, set in the rustic ground floor of the Stag’s Head. Lights scattered about, old wooden trimmings, ancient pictures, the place has the feel of your grandparents basement; heading down and escaping away for a few laughs and a bit of debauchery while the world goes about it’s own ways above.

There were people from all over the planet in, as there always is, every corner of the globe, making the gig a great barometer of how one’s material will travel.

Colm McGlinchey was the evening’s MC, and he did a fine job riling up the eager audience, setting the ambiance of what was to be a fantastic night of comedy. First up Matt Sadlier, followed by Donal Vaughan, and Eleanor Tiernan rounded off the first half to a wild hurrah. The audience was laughing throughout, and entering into the break, the anticipation for the halftime snack only added to the night’s vivacious energy.

The audience grew at the break; credit must be given to the comedians in the first half, for they rocked the house. I’ll not be going into reviews or my own opinions on comedian’s performances, for being a comedian myself, and one that was on the bill on this particular evening, any comments, in my opinion, would be out of place.

The mood and excitement in the room spoke for it self, a jovial picture painted, as I’m sure the reviews on TripAdvisor depict. The audience member’s hands were clapping, mouths open and roaring, seats rattling from all the chuckles. Their satisfied newly sweetened bellies voicing their laughing approval for all the performers. And as we all know, comedians love approval.

I took the stage after the break with a 10-minute set prepared, and with the already animated audience the gig went swimmingly, was an absolute pleasure and I left the stage buzzing, racing off to the bar to grab an auld pint of the black stuff to quell the nerves that were rushing around the head.

Headliner Trevor Browne brought the night home and left the stage to applause and cheers after leaving the audience with a lovely little ditty with his guitar.

As the audience members filled out, the night’s stimulating energy stayed bouncing around the room, another successful gig for the Comedy Crunch, once again proving it self to be one of the best gigs in Dublin; I’ll say again, an absolute pleasure.

If you haven’t been in you’re missing out. The best comedians in Ireland take the stage every Sunday and Monday of each week, doors at 8:15. Colm McGlinchey and Danny O’Brien at the helm, and a fine ship they run indeed, in the basement of the Stag’s Head. And, it’s FREE ENTRY ladies and gentleman! Free ice cream as well…

I look forward to taking the stage again in the Comedy Crunch. Thanks to the lads for having me in.

About ConMcFlynn

Connor McDonough-Flynn first began performing in Los Angeles in 2007. He then moved back to Ireland after a few year hiatus he continued on his journey as a stand up comedian in January 2011. He’s performed in England, Amsterdam, Spain, and all over Ireland. He’s supported such acts as Maeve Higgins and John Colleary.

Connor ran and organized the “Get up, Stand Up @ Garvey’s” comedy night in Garvey’s Bar, Galway. He ran and organized the “Unhinged Comedy Club” in The Cellar Bar. He was at the heart of the comedy scene in Galway. Now, he’s living in Dublin…

His comedy is brainy, bold and (un)balanced – he’s an arguably debatable spectator tempter. Connor will have you laughing away as he deals with the debaucherous topics that present themselves daily. The stimulating humdrum thoughts that arouse bemusement. And the oddball anecdotes that evoke smiles, from the lips, on your face. There’s a means to his madcap manoeuvres. More on Connor's Bio: here

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