Camden Comedy: 4th July 2017

Connor McDonough-Flynn (@ConMcFlynn) #TakingTheStage at Camden Comedy in Anseo on the 4th of July 2017. Doors 8pm.

Tuesday! If it was a colour it would be beige, if it was a flavour it would be water and if it was car it would almost certainly be a micra. But Tuesday doesn’t need to be a beige micra. Come to Anseo this 4th of July and check out this great line up of stand up comedy awesomeness:

Seamus Stackpoole (MC)
Connor McDonough-Flynn
Ruairi McSharry
Julie Jay
Luke Kelly
Aoife Dooley
Laura Byrne
Edwin Sammon (Headliner)

Entry is completely free but if you like what you see please do donate what you can afford to the ‘camden comedy’ donation fund which we use to keep this plucky little night goin.

But thats not all! Every type of sweets and confectionaries imaginable will be showered on to our audience at half time. Our way of giving a chocolate based ‘fair play to ya’

Looking forward to seeing you all there for what promises to be a truly smashing night.

Love and Laughter,
Ruairi, Roger & Seamus

Tons of Fun Comedy: 8th Novevber 2016

Connor McDonough-Flynn (@ConMcFlynn) #TakingTheStage at Tons of Fun Comedy in Anseo on the 8th of November 2016. Doors 8pm.

Well Halloween is finally over and sales of Harley Quinn face paints and hot pants sadly return to their normal levels . So the question now is: what to do to fill the hole between now and Christmas? Well we have a fine selection of comedians willing to fill that hole! They are as follows (drum roll):

Seamus Stackpoole (MC)
Tickled by Freaks (Improv troupe)
Ina Albrecht
Brian Keegan
Connor McDonough-Flynn
Emman Idama
Eve Darcy (Headliner)
You (the audience)

Its a mere 5 euros in for what promises to be a night that will be forever remembered for at least several days. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Ruairi & Seamus”



Comedy Anseo

Connor McDonough-Flynn (@ConMcFlynn) #TakingTheStage on the 8th of October 2014 at Comedy Anseo. Doors 20:45.

Line Up:

This Wednesday Oct 8th at Comedy Anseo!

Ronan Grace,

Connor McDonough-Flynn,

Colm Mc Glinchey,

Emma Doran


Alan Hurley


Anseo Camden Street.




#TakingTheStage at Comedy Anseo upstairs in the Anseo pub.  Johnny CandonTomie JamesBilly Anderson and Myself on the bill. Doors open at 9PM, 5EUR IN!



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