Be Yourself Productions – Comedy Fundraiser Night

Connor McDonough-Flynn (@ConMcFlynn) #TakingTheStage on the 11th of March 2015 at the Be Yourself Productions – Comedy Fundraiser Night in Against the Grain (@againstgraindub). Doors 19:30.

“Ladies and Gents,
Be Yourself Productions is hosting a fundraising night to raise funds and awareness for our upcoming short film. We will have some great comedy on the night so spread the word far and wide.
Tommy Nicholson – The Savage Eye, Don’t Feed the Gondolas
Patser Murray – Love Hate
Marc Cahill – Golden Rubber Duckie Award Winner, Running Commentary
Steve Hartland The Attendant, A House of Cards
Greg Marks
Peter Dooley
Connor McDonough-Flynn

€6 entry.



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