Dublin Underground Beat

Connor McDonough-Flynn #TakingTheStage at the Dublin Underground Beat (D.U.B.) on Wednesday the 9th of April 2014. Doors at 20:00, this is a great night with all variances of performance, in the snug basement of The International.

“And we’re back again for more and more music and poetry and this week again promises to be A-maaaaaaazing! No owl this time I promise – can’t assure you there won’t be a turkey or two hidden in the crowd to cheer when the artists are done playing – but a fantaaaaaastic line up of performers….
Have a look!”


PAUL FITZPATRICK (MUSIC) – Ah, new blood again as this will be his first set for DUB and we cannot wait!! Here’s a little treat for you if you can’t handle suspens.

ÖZGECAN KSCI (POETRY)- Her first time with us was on our DUB special the Wicked Women’s Week and we fell in love with her wonderful poems. Have a sneak peak here:

ANDY KIRWAN (MUSIC) – He got us under his spell last Friday and we’re delighted to have him for our Wed event. Oh, my, my….his voice and songs!!! Give it a listen while waiting for Wed to come:

ALICIA BYRNE KEANE (SW) – We heard her last Wednesday and she is wonderful! – dig her style! – so she’ll bring some of her wonderful vibe to us. Ah, we’re thankful! you’ll love her!

CONNOR McDonough-Flynn (C) – Ah, here’s some deadly funny words for you from the one and only Connor McD Flynn!!


In the mean time, have a well deserved rest out of the DUB flow. But see you this Wednesday right??
You wouldn’t dare miss it we know it.


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