Ned Keenan’s Comedy Club

Connor McDonough-Flynn, Taking the Stage at Ned Keenan’s Comedy Club, 09/08/2013. Call in to Dublin’s underground comedy show. Located in the basement of the Maple Hotel on Lower Gardiner St. Contact: 018555442.

I’ll be trying out some new material this evening, letting it fly, hoping it soars, throwing it off the wall and seeing if it sticks… I can’t come up with any other ways to describe what material might do, especially new material. It could go pear shaped, could go swimmingly, either or, it’s going to go… Call in.

August comedy this Friday the 9th Neds with:

Connor McDonough-Flynn
Ashlee Bentley
James Nolan
Lee Coffey
Dlr Bjjni
Mark Cahill

Fear an tí, Donnchadh Mac an Ghoill
Free in and pints €4
Show starts 9.30pm

Call into this underground comedy show, see the up and coming comedians of Ireland and all over trying out new material, honing their craft, and all for the low price of FREE! It’s a no brainer ladies and gentleman, call into Ned Keenan’s Comedy Club for an intimate comedy night, a laugh out loud experience, you’ll enjoy yourself almost as much as the comedians…


Great Gig @ Ned Keenan’s Comedy Club

Was a packed house at Ned Keenan’s Comedy Club in The Maple Hotel in Dublin.

Ned Keenan’s is a comfy back room venue; the audience is right in the comedian’s face, which always makes for a great atmosphere, especially for the comedians.

The crowd was an eclectic mix of touristas, locals and other people of various backgrounds that I have no idea about… There was a gang of Australians, some Brazilians, and no Germans… The German reference is relevant to one of my jokes, and sadly there were no Germans in to listen to me make fun of them… Always a bummer, I am going to have to bring a German with me to every gig for comedic purposes.

Any who…

It was an enjoyable evening. Jake Bourke was the Master of Ceremonies, and a masterful performance was performed… Then Donnchadh Mac An Ghoill came up after rolling barrels in the basement. Other comedians included Paul Marsh, Gary Woods, Mark Townsend, Ciaran McIntyre, Maxine Jones, Ger Divine… And myself Connor McDonough-Flynn… I think that was everyone…

I was happy with my set; it was another nervous tirade about stuff that I find funny, got em’ laughing, though the show was lacking Germans…

Ned Keenan’s is a great spot, cheap drink, an auld country Connemara vibe in the middle of Gardiner Street Lower in Dublin; a great room for comedy. The sweat was pouring and the laughs were flying and bouncing and… Whatever laughs do they did that…

Ned Keenan’s Comedy Club is on every Friday from 21:00-00:30 in The Maple Hotel, 74-75 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin 1 Dublin, Ireland. It’s free entry and the craic is mighty, thanks for having me in.

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