The Daily Paragraph – 1 Guy 2 Bulls

The Daily Paragraph

1 Guy 2 Bulls


Cascading… backdrops of slop. Erupting flooded racetrack. Sludge. Muck. Oozing wet dirt. Keys ignited… engines revving… Black bayonets on both bovines. Charging… Work. Struggle. In the end… Eaten. Orange oxen. Futures forthcoming, yet indistinguishable… Unknown. Incapable. Master… Brave soul. Dangerously living. Levitating above… His journey. Bounding forward… eyes ahead… Humans. Animals. Tied together. Chaotically composed running. Finish lines drawn. Strength. Speed. Choral-hearts pounding. Screaming. Wild meets wise. Carnal. Unadulterated freedoms. Split. Two-harsh realities. Break away. Composure. Belief. Trust. Weather the storm… Ride it out…

The Daily Paragraph – Fire Breath

The Daily Paragraph

Fire Breath


Circus. Or Crusade…? Darkness. Awoken by a tense anatomy. Cave man’s glowing-glasses enlightened. Past discoveries through rapid oxidation… Yellow roses blossoming, orange spray alight. Reds. Blacks, browns and whites… Visibly alive amongst nature’s natural resources… Intense. Uncontrollable. A combustible gas cone… Spitting anarchy… Bedlam-bouquet ablaze… Respiratory revolution… Open the floodgates. Walk on… Take a breath. Quench your thirst.

By: Connor McDonough-Flynn

The Daily Paragraph – Guys and Ducks

The Daily Paragraph

Guys and Ducks


And they’re off! I’ll get her… No I’m first! Get the… out of my way! Green bulls. Energized wings. Chasing billed sirens. Pulling at plumage. Payment will be received. Procured pints led nowhere. It’s a numbers game. A quaintly parched atmosphere drenched with angst. Chaotic quackery. Cave man tactics administered, charm to cumbersome, patience’s a vice. Spirits infused lunging. She’s mine! Birds are quacked… Guys are quaked… Shame’s no object. It’s all about the cycle… Nature. Running its course.

By: Connor McDonough-Flynn

The Daily Paragraph – Tomato Guy

The Daily Paragraph

Tomato Guy


Oh Shit… I can’t stop…! Fired down Bolognese Boulevard. Red rum. Robust. Colonized sliding side streets, covered in vegetation; an urban sauce. Legs alluded. Takeoff underway. Wings outstretched… Hands splayed. Speechless eyes of bloodshot wonderment… Escaping the cerulean light. Racing… into oncoming traffic… Squashed! A period in time… Passionado…

By: Connor McDonough-Flynn

The Daily Paragraph – Free

The Daily Paragraph




Water washes… the soul clean. Buoyant woman, eye’s skyward, descending from dreamland, untouched. Vibrantly alluring altitudes. Levitating lavishly. Her house, the vicinity, walking distance; hovering… Her cape flapping, the wind tranquil… Super… Powerful. Sun implied… Clear blue. Peaceful. Dangling amidst a playful puppeteer. Innocent shapes at sea, turquoise ripples, reflections of home, endless avenues of splendor… The fairer sex… Exhaling clouds. Vaporously. Flying free.

By: Connor McDonough-Flynn

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