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The Daily Paragraph

Cat Show


Ding! Pussycat penumbra. Animated. Three. No two… no… Scintillant. Ghostly matting. Tabby pelt. Bamboozled. Diversified existences… Ambitious eyeshots… Tunnel vision. Doorway bleached. Ebony borders. Characters. Life. An amphitheatre. Mitts elevated. Elongated… Joyful prizefighter. Inevitable. Patient victory… Tail or made…? Whiskey whiskers… Shadow boxing UFO’s… Targets suspended. Doohickeys… closer than they appear… Deception blemished perception. Gambits… Catcalls… This lion will become…

By: Connor McDonough-Flynn

About ConMcFlynn

Connor McDonough-Flynn first began performing in Los Angeles in 2007. He then moved back to Ireland after a few year hiatus he continued on his journey as a stand up comedian in January 2011. He’s performed in England, Amsterdam, Spain, and all over Ireland. He’s supported such acts as Maeve Higgins and John Colleary.

Connor ran and organized the “Get up, Stand Up @ Garvey’s” comedy night in Garvey’s Bar, Galway. He ran and organized the “Unhinged Comedy Club” in The Cellar Bar. He was at the heart of the comedy scene in Galway. Now, he’s living in Dublin…

His comedy is brainy, bold and (un)balanced – he’s an arguably debatable spectator tempter. Connor will have you laughing away as he deals with the debaucherous topics that present themselves daily. The stimulating humdrum thoughts that arouse bemusement. And the oddball anecdotes that evoke smiles, from the lips, on your face. There’s a means to his madcap manoeuvres. More on Connor's Bio: here

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