Unhinged Comedy Story: 29th November 2015

Unhinged Comedy Story: 29th November 2015


Was a mentally mad evening at Unhinged Comedy Club in the 29th of November 2015. With the last gig of November 2015 done, my face’s still laughing over what was a chaotically comedic night.

The crowd was a mixed bag of mental as usual. We’d people in from China, England, America, Scotland, and Ireland – the audience stretched nearly the entire globe – from all corners.

The crowd was smaller in numbers, with the weather cold and howling, but mad in the mental sense. The energy was flowing from the first “Hello” and the audience was there the whole way. Right to the end the laughs were flying around the shop… there were a few audience members flying as well.

I met Dez from Scotland on the street while I was promoting and he held true to the Scottish Ways by immediately telling me he was funnier than anybody who’d be on stage, and I threw it back at him, he threw it back at me, and then, he decided to go to the show. The hard sell that is comedy club promoting. If one cannot be funny on the spot, audience members will lose faith and go towards whatever vacant seat there is in the closest establishment serving drink.

I knew Dez was going to be an engaging audience member, and he played the role to a T.

To the right of the stage was a couple over form Leicester, who had a fondness for “Pork Pot Pies”. This, the “Pork Pot Pie”, is apparently what Leicester is known for, and I held that through line throughout the night. The male half of the Leicester relationship was a “Transport Programmer”, which sounded like a dry enough job, but when he started telling me how he sends buses on the wrong routes and directions (after I prompted him) the job grew in interest and received a well of laughter – all based on the image of a chaotic bus system that had gone off the rails and left all the commuters in the wrong place.

Dez was chirping up the entire night. He was also buying the comedians drinks. So it was a tough call to go after him, for he was sound, but he was also chirpy, so the balance had to be established.

Nicole form China, got a full dose of Irish Ways, as I went off on a tangent about how she, and her boyfriend (from Kilcock) of two-weeks would soon be having a endless amounts of kids, and marriage was only around the corner: “so enjoy your freedom while you have it.” Both Nicole and her Kilcock boyfriend took the jokes in stride, and as the night went on, the entire audience was introduced to the Chinese dancing ways that are revealed to the public after 2-pints of porter.

There were two local girls in the back corner, Kelly and Becka, and they were laughing at the wind in the air. Jokes were unnecessary for the two-girls from Ringsend, they were in to have the craic and the craic was dancing around the room all night.

There was an older couple in from Armagh, and they both were in flying form from start to finish. The rising joke was about the older woman being an ex-guard, and how her husband still likes to be handcuffed “to this day”. He was all smiles when the subject was presented, and his wife laughed in stride throughout.

Dez kept going throughout the night. He wasn’t taking away form the show, he was bringing in new forms of energy. The couple from Bournemouth sitting next to him were getting 2 shows. The one being presented on stage and the one being whispered by Dez. At 2-different stages of the night Dez decided to pretend to fall through the door and fall down the stairs, and both times the audience fell for his slapstick stick. Though he did finish the night with a bump on his head, he’d managed to become part of the show, which was his intention from the get go.

The comedians performing all hit flying form, and Ray The Barman was causing his usual ruckus throughout the night. He kept his streak of threatening my life alive once again, and Jim Elliott, as well, almost came under Ray’s Knife (you have to see it to believe it).

Ryan Cullen opened the show up with his darkly sarcastic ways. Ruth Hunter brought the crowd in with her philosophically black comedy, both comedians had the audience roaring with the twists and turns presented.

Padraig Williams kicked off the second half, and Nicole was straight out of the gate with a joke when Padraig got on stage, before he’d said a word she was having a laugh and nobody had a clue what she said, but the entire room was laughing at the energies floating about in the air.

Oisin Hanlon brought Galway to Dublin, telling his whimsically mad stories about the world that he sees, and the unfortunate realities he despises about students.

The audience was firing on all cylinders when the headliner Jim Elliott hit the stage. He took his time, and churned the mental atmosphere in the room. He brought Dez in and all involved, the laughs were flying. Half-way through Dez fell through the door once again, head first, tumbling down the stairs. Jim dealt with the performance like a proper professional, people were bursting, and the night was brought to a strong finish.

I’ve been a comedian and have run clubs for a good long while and this was one of the funniest, mental nights I’ve had the pleasure to be apart of. The audience and the comedians all hit proper form, and comedy was allowed to dance on what was a wild night in The Ha’penny Bridge Inn. All the space cadets, crazies and pseudo-comedians are all welcome. I look forward to seeing you in the audience where we can share a mad laugh together.

Unhinged Comedy Club runs every Wednesday and Sunday in The Ha’penny Bridge Inn. Doors are at 9 o’clock. Come in, support live comedy, and watch laughter take flight on what is always an Unhinged night of comedy.


About ConMcFlynn

Connor McDonough-Flynn first began performing in Los Angeles in 2007. He then moved back to Ireland after a few year hiatus he continued on his journey as a stand up comedian in January 2011. He’s performed in England, Amsterdam, Spain, and all over Ireland. He’s supported such acts as Maeve Higgins and John Colleary.

Connor ran and organized the “Get up, Stand Up @ Garvey’s” comedy night in Garvey’s Bar, Galway. He ran and organized the “Unhinged Comedy Club” in The Cellar Bar. He was at the heart of the comedy scene in Galway. Now, he’s living in Dublin…

His comedy is brainy, bold and (un)balanced – he’s an arguably debatable spectator tempter. Connor will have you laughing away as he deals with the debaucherous topics that present themselves daily. The stimulating humdrum thoughts that arouse bemusement. And the oddball anecdotes that evoke smiles, from the lips, on your face. There’s a means to his madcap manoeuvres. More on Connor's Bio: here

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