Unhinged Comedy Club: Galway


“Unhinged Comedy Club” ran from October 2012 to November 2012.

The Cellar Bar, 12 Eglinton Street, Galway City, Galway, Ireland.

9:00pm, Thursday. 8th of November, 2012. It did run every Thursday…

€5 ENTRY (included raffle ticket)

Unhinged Comedy Club was a stand up comedy show in The Cellar Bar on 12 Eglinton Street, Galway. It was a weekly event, held every Thursday. All were welcome and entry was only €5 (included a raffle ticket)! The doors open at 9:00pm and the first act goes on at 9:30pm.

Every Thursday there’s was an “Unhinged” line up of gutsy seasoned comedians from all over Ireland getting on stage and letting it fly to lively crowds, in the intimate stand up comedy setting that is The Cellar Bar.

Maximum Results Professional Personal Training was November’s “Unhinged” Sponsor and there will was a raffle each show for the month of November, with free training sessions up for grabs each week! Each entrant was then entered into a grand prize draw, held on the 29th of November, with a €300 Personal Training/Nutrition Package up for grabs!

There was a comedy caption contest each week, with drink prizes for the top two winners! It was a must see weekly comedy show in the heart of Galway.

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