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Vast Umbrellas and: ‘The Moisture’

Vast Umbrellas and: 'The Moisture' By: Connor McDonough-Flynn It was a rainy day in Foggy Dublin Town, even when wet, the cities beauty and imagination knows no bounds. Umbrellas were out and … [Read More...]

Unhinged Comedy Story: 29th November 2015

Unhinged Comedy Story: 29th November 2015 Was a mentally mad evening at Unhinged Comedy Club in the 29th of November 2015. With the last gig of November 2015 done, my face’s still laughing over … [Read More...]

Career Counselor

Career Counselor By: Connor McDonough-Flynn I was sitting in the chair at 10:38am on the nose. I didn’t want to be late. Such an action would be disrespectful, unprofessional even. The CV’s that … [Read More...]

Unhinged Comedy Story: 8th November 2015

Was an electrically eclectic evening at Unhinged Comedy Club in The Ha’penny Bridge Inn on the 8th of November 2015. The crowd was from all over and through the woods. We’d English, Irish, French, … [Read More...]

Unhinged Comedy Story: 4th November 2015

            The Web Summit crowd were in last night at Unhinged Comedy, and they were laughing away so they were - no applications or robots necessary. The crowd was an eclectic mix of all over, … [Read More...]

Peek-A-Boo Pussy

Peek-A-Boo Pussy By: Connor McDonough-Flynn             Walter loved vagina. He loved it. He loved eating pussy. Eating pussy was his favorite activity. Satisfying a woman with his mouth was the … [Read More...]

Forms, Desks and Disdain

Forms, Desks and Disdain By: Connor McDonough-Flynn             Listening to Thelonious Monk between my four - rented - magnolia walls. Taking it easy before heading to a comedy club. Same jazz: … [Read More...]

The ‘WOW Airlines Sleeper’

Here's a new sleeping style I came across on my Stateside travels... the 'WOW Airlines Sleeper'... … [Read More...]

90.3 Near FM Interview – March 10th 2015

Connor McDonough-Flynn (@ConMcFlynn) being interviewed on 90.3 Near FM on March 10th 2015 about his upcoming one man show "I'm Not … [Read More...]

Penguin’s Penguin…

United flag for illiterate penguins. … [Read More...]

Brother Dege Legg Interview

Connor McDonough-Flynn interviews fellow artist Brother Dege Legg in Ireland during his 2013 European Tour. His recent hit: 'Too Old to Die Young' was highlighted on the Django Unchained … [Read More...]

Comedy Blogedy Interview

Connor McDonough-Flynn's Interview for Comedy Blogedy. Here's the link: http://comedyblogedy.com/2014/02/07/interview-with-connor-mcdonough-flynn/ http://comedyblogedy.com/ … [Read More...]

The Daily Paragraph – Netted Heart

The Daily Paragraph Netted Heart - Vamoose! Gripped. Griped. Gone. Desires. Written and writhing on a wall of befuddled backdrops. Running wild on a bed of nails. Extremities warped. Contorted.  … [Read More...]

Hitching… To the Ballinamore Fringe Festival

Had the pleasure of making my way to Leitrim on Friday, the 23rd of August… I was gigging in Ballinamore… Got the train down from Dublin. After oversleeping through the four alarms I had set, and … [Read More...]

How does one, Seize the Day? I’m confused…

I hope everyone reading this is seizing the day and if it’s nighttime, and you haven’t seized the day, I abhor you to get in your time machine and seize the shit out of the day you’ve just failed to … [Read More...]

Sometimes, You Want to Punch the Elephant in the Room

Reached that moment this evening as every comedian does, where he or she would just love to get down off the stage, and punch a particular audience member (or group for that matter), in the face. … [Read More...]

Packed Out and Buzzing at the Comedy Crunch

Gigged in the Comedy Crunch last week, Sunday the 4th of August. The Crunch has built up quite a name for itself since it started in November 2008. Taking the Internet by storm and supplying the local … [Read More...]

The Daily Paragraph – How Ya… Giraffe…?

The Daily Paragraph How Ya… Giraffe…? - How ya…? Stone Free…! Nature’s charming Voodoo Child. Herbage roots… Undulating buttresses… a bolstered Quadruped Ungulata. Indiscriminative patches. … [Read More...]

The Daily Paragraph – Setting

The Daily Paragraph Setting - Roar! Righteous roar…! Prismatic lion… Psychedelic… Dandy…  Daydreaming anomalistic eye. Earthly-incandescent stem.  Lustrously… Veracious lights. Temporal havens… … [Read More...]

The Daily Paragraph – Scuba Jellyfish

The Daily Paragraph Scuba Jellyfish - Bloop… Bloop… Boob…? Medusa’s gelatin embodiment… Enchanting. Seductive. Descending deep… Delving negatives… Turning to stone. Venomous… Flailing… Flippant … [Read More...]

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